About Us

What we’re all about…
Proactiveness, combined with Experience, Expertise & Knowledge.

1. Proactive bookkeeping

Getting financials statements 12 months after yearend is no longer appropriate in today’s fast pace business environment. With “Real Time” processing you will always have real time financial data. As a certified Xero Advisor, we love and recommend Xero.


2. Personal service
We won’t do just an income tax return for you on an annual basis. We are your dedicated monthly accountant and work with you on a monthly basis, ensuring that you get monthly management accounts and stay up to date with all statutory requirements.


3. Flexible Fixed Pricing
Don’t stress about receiving a hefty bill at month end. With our fixed and flexible retainers, you always know your costs upfront and no nasty surprises waiting for you.


4. Our location
We are based in Johannesburg, but because we work In TheCloud, it’s really possible to serve clients anywhere.


5. Our Experience
Our founder, Marnus Pretorius is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a Master’s Degree in South African & International Tax, and has over 18 years’ experience in senior financial roles within Accounting & Tax across various multinationals. Marnus is also a very keen entrepreneur and owns various small businesses and have developed a passion over the years in assisting start-up’s and SME’s taking off the ground. Having all-round experience, which includes both multinationals and SME’s, Marnus is very well equipped to bring you the expertise, knowledge and experience to “Pro-Actively” support the growth of your business, install robust controls and above all, enhance your financial performance!


We are also certified with the following governing bodies, organizations and industry leaders: